Are you an entrepreneur with a growth objective? Or a business leader with the ambition to positively impact the company you are working for? Then join our Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2023!

The program in a nutshell

The Ghana Business Star Growth Program is a one-year program aimed at accelerating your own business or the company you work for. The program blends theoretical modules with practical exercises.

By joining the program you develop yourself both professionally and personally. Furthermore, you will establish a valuable network of peers and partners involved in the program.

Programs elements

Business modules

Access to various (online) modules, covering a broad range of business topics that are essential in growing your business

Challenge sessions

Offline group sessions in which the entrepreneur modules will be further deepened in an interactive and pragmatic way

One-to-one coaching

A personal coach that helps you in building a (more) profitable business, based on your personal needs

Access to finance

An opportunity to pitch your business model to investment companies, in case you are in need of (external) funding


Business Fundamentals

Business plan

Learn how to write and present a business plan – e.g., which topics to address and how to comply with investors and or bank requirements.

Business model canvas

Learn what constitutes a business and fill in a business model canvas, by using a stepwise approach.

Market analysis

Learn what a market analysis is and how to perform one; analyse the market by identifying relevant trends & developments, consumers and competitors.

Value proposition

Learn how to formulate and implement a compelling value proposition for a target segment.

Customer Offerings

Customer Journey

Learn to define and respond to your customer needs in every step of the journey.

Pricing strategy

Learn how to define a pricing strategy that matches customer needs as well as product-, service- and market standards.

Route to market

Learn how to define ‘the way’ (or route) to reach customer with certain company products.


Learn how to do business online; adapt an online customer journey and integrate this within multiple channels.

Steering & dashboarding

Financial management

Learn how to manage financials and what is needed to achieve a positive business case.

Route to market

Learn how to define ‘the way’
(or route) to reach customer with certain company products.

People management

Change management

Learn how to realize sustainable change within an organisation.


Learn how to develop a suitable organizational structure, and recruit/retain talented people.

Program Outline

As soon as you register for the program, an intake meeting is scheduled to grasp your motivation and to understand your business or the company you work for.

In May 2023 the program officially kicks off with a meeting. Two-day challenge sessions take place three times a year – on Fridays and Saturdays. Based on group needs, extra offline sessions are organised to further explain the business modules. By the end of the year certificates are awarded; on a special and festive moment.

Dates of Challenge sessions

20 & 21

9 & 10


9 & 10


Admission process

You can register to the program if you own a Small or Medium Sized company (SME), that exists between the 2-10 years, or if you have the position of a business leader within a well established SME company.


  1. In order to register please send an email via the contact page of this website. You can register up until the 10th of May 2023.
  2. As soon as you register for the program, an intake meeting is scheduled to grasp your motivation and understand the business or company you work for  
  3. The final step is filling in a tuition fee agreement in which you indicate how you prefer to pay. You can pay the tuition fee in full ($2.500) or in three instalments of ($835).


including all program elements
lunch, snacks and drinks during the challenge sessions

Payment options

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